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We´ve just finished a truly wonderful trip to the mountains of North West Spain with a group of 8 Americans. After a wet Spring the weather finally came good and we had good days with any rain falling in the evenings.  The mountains were at their absolute best – greener than ever and with one

On a hike in the Pyrenees, Brian Jackman finds bird life in scale with the peaks 12:01AM GMT 09 Feb 2002 DOWN from the cliffs of the Pena del Sol, over the gorse-covered mountains of Aragon, a pair of giant birds came gliding. Even without binoculars I could see their reptilian eyes and knew what

Birding in Northern Spain

The Pyrenees, The Foothills and The Desert Steppe Long Weekend & 1 Week Birding Trips Wallcreepers, Lammergeier, Great Bustard, Raptors, Hide Photography Northern Spain has an astonishingly diverse range of unspoiled habitats and a correspondingly huge number of bird species.  We have led many birding trips and our local knowledge helps birders see plenty of


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